How Should You Treat A Curling Iron Burn?
5 months ago

How Should You Treat A Curling Iron Burn?

It’s happened to all of us. Standing there, mindlessly styling our hair when suddenly without thinking you turn your head or move your arm and you’re left with a painful curling iron burn. So what should you do? Reach for some ice? Well, actually… no. Ice can cause frostbite and damage the skin further. Instead, you should either rinse the burn with cool running water or place a damp washcloth on the burn until it’s no longer warm to the touch.

Once the burn has cooled, you can apply toothpaste to it. Strange I know, but the mint can provide a cooling sensation to help ease the pain and the toothpaste itself can help protect burns from bacterial infection. It’s a good idea to continue applying aloe vera or vitamin e and an anti scarring cream to the burn until it’s fully healed and never, ever pick at the burn once it has begun to scab over or blister. After all, pain is beauty but it doesn’t have to leave a mark.

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